A Lost Girl -II

“Everyone has hope, everyone is alive here….

But why still few hopes have agitation & fear”…


“A Girl by Choice”…

Most of the people think that being a girl means you will have to go through lots of difficulties, lots of restrictions & fears….

But only a girl knows how beautiful she is from inside, how emotionally strong she is & how she can make difference in this world just by her existence.

This “lost Girl” will soon realize the same.

She was growing up, at her age usually girls play with their friends and they don’t think about anything happening around…

But she was different.

There was something that she was hiding but everyone else was oblivious of it. She used to stay in her room- Study, paint (her paintings were magnificent), play all by herself within the four walls of her small world.

A girl, who was boisterous once, suddenly became reticent but no one noticed it.

Old “She” was one of the favorites of all her relatives & never used to stay at home. She loved to spend time with her cousins, but everything was changed now.

One day, one of her favorite uncles came to visit her. Everyone was very excited about it but she hid behind her parents. Her uncle called her many a times but she did not listen & ran in the opposite direction. Her parents could not understand her behavior, they thought that she had become insolent & she needed to learn some mannerism.

But this little girl was “lost” in her own world for reasons unknown to us……