Happiness Lies Within

Every Human feels happiness specially when something good happens but that is temporary, Happiness lies within, If a person is sad from inside then this temporary happiness can not give you the health you deserve. But this happiness is always biased,It stays inside some people without any effort & for few people it will play hide & seek. So when that person get happiness that will be beyond expectation & will not know how to handle that.

What can be done to make its space forever in the heart of everyone , Is there a way to keep it no matter whatever is happening outside in this world because if we can do this then no one in this world will feel depressed .

Actually this line always comes in my mind when i feel sad “Ruk jaana nahin tu kahin haar ke, Kaanton pe chal ke milenge saaye bahar ke”. I think that this is how it works. We can be Happy or Sad but we should never stop because we dont know what surprise is waiting for us in the future & may be it will change our perspective about life altogether & it can be good for us.


What i wanted and what i got…

In simple words, Plans… Yes plans sucks…I mean whatever you plan it will be just your imagination and what will actually come will be as unexpected as you can think….Life has so much to teach but not sure if all the lesson are for your good… Few lessons will be just to show you that how it is more superior to you & your plans….It has that ability to make you feel good at one moment & make you cry in the next…So why do we actually make plans when whatever we think is not necessarily going to happen…in that way we will never feel so bad with what life gives and we will adjust with whatever comes in our way….

But is it possible?.. Nope… We all know this but we will continue to make plans & continue to feel bad about what is actually happening. So can we try reverse theory.. Like we can always think that something worst is going to happen & when something bad happens instead of worst, May be we will feel better about it… But again in this theory we will become a negative person to others & may be to ourselves… Though it will help a lot to protect our body & mind from any shocks that keep coming in life. I dont know which approach will be better but one thing is for sure that whatever is coming will not stop even if you yell/cry/die so can we not just leave it as it is & enjoy this precious moment with people who are with us & who will not be with us in the next few years may be & definitely not in the next birth.

This is some theory that i have written here but in reality even if you try harder you can not ignore those little shock(wonders, that our life will be thinking:P). So in the end there is no better way it is just your way!!…. You have to deal with your life so you make a decision on how it should be & fight for your way…….


Everything is Fine….

I keep repeating myself that everything is fine...But when i close my eyes i see darkness & when i open my eyes i see night…I hate night.. It gives me feeling of darkness, Loneliness & sadness…I hate seeing time going on but not able to close my  eyes even for a second….But i keep repeating myself everything is fine…I wish this life was also like movie..Like in movies everything comes in favor of Hero/Heroine… I want to feel the same, I want to live like a Heroine who faces so much difficulty but at the end everything/everyone comes in her favor. But i am still waiting for that moment to happen.

I think these difficult experience have given me scars for life, I dont know how much happiness i will get in the future but these scars will always remain with me, Making me realize in all the happiness that anytime bad can happen. So what should i do, Should i give up or should i stay strong?…I want to choose 2nd option but to remain strong i do not have the strength. So what option do i have.. Not sure how will i pass this time but i am sure that i will stand though i will not be strong enough to fight but i will not give up.

I want to hope that one day even my luck will change & i will also feel the happiness that everyone else are able to easily get. I want to wait for my time & then i want to shout with all the remaining strength that “everything is fine” but that time it will be for real


Good karma is equal to Good result

Ok.. So every time i listen this i really can not get this point,As they say that if you do good karma you will get good result… But why can i see that people who are actually suffering have always tried to be good… But when i question this then i get this new kind of comment “Purane janam ke karam”… Like seriously, I have also been to few sat-sangs , I am not saying people who follow are doing anything wrong but every time i listen this i get totally shocked, That even if you kill an ant by mistake because you are not able to see it, You have to pay for that bad deed. I want to know why, What is the reason & why should we pay for something we are not responsible for.

I also want to know that why we are not getting paid for our bad deeds in the same birth, Why we have to take birth again & pay for that. & why are our good deeds so less that it gets over in the same birth. So many questions but no answers….

In my point of view, Good karma does not necessarily will give Good result, There is no one who does this calculation, This is to satisfy those who are actually suffering, May be there is no one up who listens to our prayers & people who are able to manage to get what they want by whatever means are actually happy & they dont have to be paid. May be this world is distributed as Sufferer & perpetrator & also the choice is yours what you want to be. If you choose to be sufferer & weak you will have to listen to the story about karma which actually does not exist.


Life is Lemonade…

They say that “when life gives you lemon,make lemonade”. Does that really mean that life will give us  sweet lassi or chocolate sometimes.This is not my story, This is a story of every human being who just does not understand how life works, He has lot of questions inside but there are no answers. Because when you question you will listen words like “Everything will be good in the end” or ” God has bigger plans for you”. You know something like this that justifies the current situation you are in and you can pass this time. But what if this bigger plan does not exist & God actually has no plans for you & this is only the plan for you. I know this is very complicated & few people will also think that what exactly has happend that i am writing this. To be honest nothing unusual because this is only usual in this story.

“Prayer”- Yes, this is the word  that keep us alive but there is no proof that this works but still we pray.We pray to keep us satisfied that we are doing something about the bad situation we are in but in reality we are just sitting and doing nothing and hoping that everything will work out, sometimes it does because it was planned like this & sometimes it doesn’t & then we feel bad that we prayed so much & nothing happend.

I believe life is too much complicated, People who get everything will say that its about the way you see your life but just think about those who try their hard to live but they just dont get what they deserve. I am not saying this to make anyone feel negative i am saying this because, this actually happens and there is no one who can give justification on this.

Actually only “Love” keeps us alive & motivated. Love from our parents, From our siblings & of course from our partners. This is the one thing that i really appreciate that we have got & we are lucky that we can feel & express our love. when you get your  true love from them then you forget all the pain that life is been giving to you all the time & trying to demotivate you because just one smile from them makes you more stronger.

I would like to share a story that i always felt like should be told & let everyone know that what exactly is the feeling of helplessness when you have something that looks so good when you see from far but it is actually full of drama & selfishness.

When you take birth in the middle class family you just should know that you are going to experience real life tragedy & also comedy. So very soon i will welcome to the  part where i will express the feeling of running away & also staying strong.



Let go of things….

I have let go of things so many times now,

It feels like i have nothing to be saved inside..

It is so empty here & no one can come here,

no one can see & no one can stand beside…..


I was also innocent & wanted to be loved,

wanted to be happy & make new friends…

I also wanted to enjoy like other teenagers,

I also wanted to follow all the new trends…

I do not want to be sad,Do not want to feel alone,

But why am I feeling like crying and dancing on the sad song….

I want to forget everything & move on with this life,

I want  this heart to relax as it has been so long…..



Jindagi ke har kadam pe ek hi rasta hota hai,
Ghoom kar, Chakkar kha kar yahin aana hota hai….
Yeh jo dusara rasta hai yeh bas dhokha hai,
Yahan jaane se kismat ne hamesha roka hai….
Jindagi Gulzaar hai yeh kisney kaha,
Pathhar , Kaante usi ko pta jisney saha…
Yeh kadam bas aankh band kar ke chalaate raho,
Manzil mile ya na mile bas kadam badhaate raho….

Kyunki manzil se bhi kuch haasil hone wala nahi,
Manzil ke aage bhi koi tumhe dhone wala nahi….
Har kadam pe akela aur kaala dikhay dega,
Saath ho kisi ka toh sab pyaara dikhai dega…

Isliye yeh dukh yeh pareshaaniya sab zindagi ka hissa bana lo,
Kisi ko kam kisi ko jyada yeh dukh toh milta hi  hai
Bas isey apni jindagi ka kissa bana lo…..


Acchi Takdir……

Kab tak apni is takdir se ladun,

Kab tak apne andar hi yun marun….

Jab se is duniya me rakha hai kadam,

Pathhar hi bani hun na rehne diya mujhe koi bharam…..

Takdir bata de kab tak yun hi mujhe karega pareshaan,

Umar ab bachi nahi jyada ab toh na ban nadaan…

Haskar bhi kabhi lagta hai accha,

Dil ke andar ka abhi jinda hai baccha….

Pyar, dard, nafrat yeh sab toh bas shabd hain.

Isey sikhata toh tu hai kyunki tere paas waqt hai…

Agar yun hi rakhna hai jinda toh le ja mujhe kahin dur,

jahan se mai apno ko rakh saku khush na ho khatam kabhi unka noor….

Karna hi hai toh mera ek kaam kar de,

Mere apno  ko khushi de de aur mujhe unke aasu se bhar de…

Unki khushiyon se hi kuch khushi mil jayegi,

Yeh jindagi ko uski acchi takdir mil jayegi……


When you try your best….

When you try your best, But nothing works out in your favour,

When you have given your best but your fate seems to be more clever….

Don’t try anything then , Let it get the worse it can be,

It is like that sour fruit from your favourite tree…


Let God play some more with you & your luck,

Show him that you are not that easy to pluck…

Do not let the worse take out worse from you,

You are not that weak, Nobody can just chew…


Make yourself more strong from the situation you are in,

One day you will get your best place, you will be not treated more as bin….

Live, Laugh & Love, Make this mantra of your life,

Understand it that life is just a hunting knife…..




Questions about my existence…..

Why do i feel like time is just flowing.. I am not able to catch it , These breaths that i am taking are just getting wasted… For what am i here?… What  i am here to do?…These questions keep following me….

Am i in this world to just live and die and see people near me dying… Or i am here to do something which will make me feel alive… Does writing about these things will make me happy or i want something more than writing….

Questions about my existence and my karma in this world keep coming to me every now and then…Are others happy with just taking breath… Do they also feel the same way as i do or they are already doing what they wanted in their life….

I want to live my life but i am missing the most important thing that is which way should i?…What is the answer of this question???