Dil Ki Baatein….

Dil yeh dil ki baat sune kaise,
Har dil chup hai bas, band hai jaise…
Saath dena sab chahte hain par paas aata koi nahi,
yeh dil ki baatein sunayi jaati hain,jatayi nahi….
Kadam kadam pe logo ka ek chalava sa hai,
Sab ne ek dusare ko jaise bhulaya sa hai….
Saath rehkar bhi ek dusare ki dil ki baatein nahi samjhte,
Dil itna paas hain phr bhi hum usey sunte nahi dhadhkte…
Dil ki baatein dil tak hi reh jaati hai,
Bas khamoshi hai jo har pal aati hai…
Aaj bhi yeh duniya bas jindagi se ek kadam dur hai,
Dil ki baatein dil me hain sab bas jeene ko majboor hai….

Bad Dream

I Closed my eyes and i again got this bad dream,
I don’t want to sleep as this is some God scheme….
I know everyone is sad with some or other reason,
but why can’t you make me feel completely ease in…..
This fear of having nightmare is making me awake,
I know that these dreams are not real just fake….
I want to live this life dreamless and be sleepless,
because there is nothing true in these dreams,it is baseless…

It is Bad or Good dreams,It gives hope to us,
It will never come true , No matter how much we discuss…
Give me love, Give me faith but don’t give me dreams,
As i dont want to fall for this God made schemes…..

Stand By Yourself

When you have people by your side,

But you feel alone and do not feel alive…

Stand by yourself.…Stand by yourself…

When you have love inside you,

But you do not have anyone beside you…

Stand by yourself… stand by yourself….

When you want to express your feelings & Shout,

But no one cares what you want to tell about….

Stand by yourself… Stand by yourself….

When you want to run away far from your fear,

But you do not know how, when & where….

Stand by yourself…Stand by yourself…..


Yes,Life is Unfair…..

Life is Unfair…

Yes life is unfair, it actually has so many layer..
You will get happiness along with pain ,
Standing under the sun also you might get rain…
Yes life is Unfair….

Laughing on others might give you pain in return,
It will give you situation sometimes that you will just want to run…
It will give you wound that will heal only with time,
you will forget all the numbers one two or nine…

So accept everything that life gives with joy,
then you might feel happy and not feel like a toy…
Confuse your life, make it feel like you are stronger,
you will feel relaxed & there will be no stress any longer….



What does this Unconventional means?…Unusual?..Unfamiliar?…But in this world nothing is Unconventional.

This is not a story nor a reality , this is something which depend on people judgement about it , for those who feel this is real it might be… Everyone thinks that there story is unique and no one else will be able to understand what is going on with them.But if you will see your surrounding then you will understand that there are so many stories which are Unconventional.

Pain is sometime bearable and sometime it just cross the limit but what should we do when we feel that this is something which should have not happend,That this is Unconventional & u do not know how to recover from that because you would not be able to believe that it happend with you, as you do not deserve to be treated  like this

Sometimes life is just unfair and you can do nothing about it , as you are helpless but what you can do is fight for your rights if this is against any human , but in case if this fight is against someone which is super powerful, what should you do that time?

There are many stories like everything happens for a reason or God has some bigger picture planned. But is this really truth or this is just the way of that superpower to tell you that you are just human being & you can do nothing about it.

This story is also something like this…..


An Angel….

One day an angel crossed my way,
I asked her can I become like her if I pray…
She laughed at me & said, she doesn’t want anyone to become like her,
As this beauty of her is a curse & this is not any degree to confer…

I was now curious & wanted to ask so many questions at the same time,
She understood everything but she just said that she is now going to do crime…
I got scared & without even thinking I started running in the opposite direction,
But to my surprise she was running behind me & watching me as if I am a confection….

Then I stopped & asked her that what does she want,
She said that she is a death but she is not here to haunt…
She was here to take me with her as my days were over,
I started laughing now & I said that I am not that older…

She was now staring at me with anger as she was getting late,
I was not able to understand that how can this be written on my fate…
I have not enjoyed my life as i always thought I have enough time,
I wanted to be a perfect daughter, sister & wife & that was where I drew a line…

But I could not do it also as I was busy with making my career,
I was not talking to my Parents & I just fought with my brother…
My husband always asked for my time,
But I always focussed on working from nine to nine….

I asked her to give me more time & how can she take my life so soon
I wanted to make everything right, but I proved myself a loon
She told me that I cannot set time limit for myself now,
You get life once So Don’t make mistakes as later improving it,is not allow….

I will always have this regret, I don’t want to go with you, I wanted to scream,
I started to run again & I fell down from my bed as it was a bad dream….
Her words were still running in my mind,
She brought me closer to the people I love & to be humble & kind…



I can walk alone ,I can walk alone,
Will not ask for any help even if i drown…
Because even if you help me , even if u give life to me,
You will show me your greatness , so just let it be..
You can come in any form , you can come in any form,
Will have to be alert & will not allow u as u r like a storm…
Because even if you look good, even if you look innocent,
you have come to my life like a very smart incident…
We will not stay together, We will not stay together,
Will not be able to as our relation is light as feather…
Because even if you care, even if you show your love,
This love of yours and mine will not be enough..

Love Yourself

When you can only see darkness but you still have to walk that way,

When you feel hatred for everyone & you do not want this feeling to stay….

When people judge you every time, blame you for everything and you do not get the reason,

Do not listen to what people say, because their words will also change like a season…..


When you feel strong walking alone, than do not bother having a company,

You will find your way because no one can stop from what is written in destiny…

All the love of this world will come to you, if you start loving yourself,

Just remind yourself every time that love with you is only your hidden wealth…


Pain given by people can be healed in sometime,

But do not hurt yourself that is the biggest crime…

So, walk in the dark street with all the confidence you have,

And do not let anyone ever treat you like a trash……



A Lost Girl IV

A Lost girl IV

This girl was not lost in the world but she was lost in her thoughts, she was lost in her dreams & she was lost in the pain that she was hiding from everyone.

She was either studying or was sitting alone in her room writing or painting something but she was not talking much to anyone.

One day when she was going to her school she saw a man was in his 22 and he was very handsome with beard on his face. she could not take her eyes off him.This man was her first crush.

She entered the class and as usual sat on the first bench. Suddenly everyone stood so she followed them. Then she saw her principle was coming with that handsome man. She was staring at him continuously and then her principle announced that he was going to be their’s new class teacher & he will be teaching English to them.

As she heard it , she became very happy. She was very excited to know that he was going to be her class teacher. she smiled after a long time .

To be Continued….IV


A Lost Girl III

Even if the whole world will not understand you, the one who gave birth to you will understand your feelings without even u saying it”

“But when even she will not be able to understand …..Then a child can get swerve from his direction”.

This lost girl” was also going through something which she was not able to share & she was becoming more stubborn & relentless.

Oblivious of what was happening, her parents were finding her behavior very rebellious.

Her emotions were not easily hidden on her innocent face. Her pain was evident in the crease of her lovely brow & the down curve of her lovely lips. But her eyes showed her soul. She was very small to have this pain inside her. But one thing was sure that she could cry but she would never let anyone take her true self from her.

Days were passing & she was now 15 years old. She was a bright student but afraid of mathematics. “Mathematics to her was like building castle in the air”

Even in the school she was not talking much but she had passion inside her. …Passion of proving something.

People were finding her boorish & aggressive but they didn’t know she had so much inside her that she wanted to share but was not able to.

She wanted to pursue her higher education from some good city where she can get more exposure & complete her dreams.

She was now trying to focus on her passion which she knew was chimera. But she wanted to keep herself positive & motivated.

What was in her destiny…It could not to be told, it was mystery …to her &  to the people who loved her”.


To be continued…..