Play our Role

We all have come here to play our role,

We have to play this with our body & soul…

Situations in our life give shape to our character,

We are our Hero, Villan, & director……


Judge of this Role Play gives us various chance,

He keeps his eyes on us;  Does not just have a glance…

We always have option of good & bad path,

We cannot calculate it by English, history or math….


Make this  world beautiful with beautiful smile,

Because this judge cannot send us  again & let us  try…

Love Everyone, Love this world, lose our self & fly,

As everyone will come & go, We all  have to say good bye.



A Lost Girl -II

“Everyone has hope, everyone is alive here….

But why still few hopes have agitation & fear”…


“A Girl by Choice”…

Most of the people think that being a girl means you will have to go through lots of difficulties, lots of restrictions & fears….

But only a girl knows how beautiful she is from inside, how emotionally strong she is & how she can make difference in this world just by her existence.

This “lost Girl” will soon realize the same.

She was growing up, at her age usually girls play with their friends and they don’t think about anything happening around…

But she was different.

There was something that she was hiding but everyone else was oblivious of it. She used to stay in her room- Study, paint (her paintings were magnificent), play all by herself within the four walls of her small world.

A girl, who was boisterous once, suddenly became reticent but no one noticed it.

Old “She” was one of the favorites of all her relatives & never used to stay at home. She loved to spend time with her cousins, but everything was changed now.

One day, one of her favorite uncles came to visit her. Everyone was very excited about it but she hid behind her parents. Her uncle called her many a times but she did not listen & ran in the opposite direction. Her parents could not understand her behavior, they thought that she had become insolent & she needed to learn some mannerism.

But this little girl was “lost” in her own world for reasons unknown to us……




I will never stop you from going away,

Though it will make me feel sad, night & day..

My love has all the power to heal me with time,

This relationship that we have is not less than grime…


I want a new chapter, new beginning which can sweep me off my feet,

I want someone who will judge me only by my nature & my deed…

Who can look inside me & say you are beautiful,

Who can take all the responsibility &  will  not make me fool…


Scared of starting it, Scared of trusting again,

It is the feeling which has only given me pain…

But this world has so much more to give me,

Which I am sure will be astonishing & will make me free….


This new chapter will have all the white character,

I will have the best story with the best narrator….

I don’t want a perfect story; I want people, who are perfectionist,

It will end with all the enchantments & Joy, that I am definite……


A Lost Girl-I

This blog is about “A Lost Girl” who believed that she was living in a beautiful world, where she had   her family, friends, relatives & so many unknown people. This world was utopia for her.

This is about a girl who thought that everything in this world is as wonderful & alluring as she was.

But the experience that this girl got from this world was unexpected, she was alone but  strong, she fought   against all the worst things that happened to her and she was called as “A Lost Girl”

I don’t want to give any name to this character because I guess so many girls would be able to relate, so let’s keep it as “A Lost Girl”

She was a beautiful 6 year girl, her eyes were deep, Hair was long & mid night- black, she had rapture-blue eyes & her bubbly laughter can make people chuckle in response, she had an effervescent personality.

She did not like going to school, she wanted to spend all her time with her father as she was very close to him. She was a pampered kid & was getting loads of attention from her brothers & parents, they all loved her. She was living the “Life of Riley”.

One day she went for shopping with her family, she was very excited about it, she ran her eyes through her cupboard which was full of different colors of frocks. She wore her favorite pink color frock which was simply exquisite with pink shoes that she bought few weeks ago. She was looking like a doll.

They entered the shopping mall; it was a big mall, she was very happy to see a giant structured building with umpteen shops at one place. she was thrilled to see so many people around her, She wanted to buy as many things as possible for her ,then  she saw a pair of jeans which she really liked & she told her father that she want those pair of jeans. Seeing that her father laughed at her& said “those are not for you my girl”, you can buy any other dress that will suit you as you are a girl.

Oblivious of what her father was saying she went to her mother & said the same thing but she got the same response again, she was shocked as this was the first time she was not getting the thing that she was demanding from her parents & also she was not able to understand that why they cannot buy her those pair of jeans which will perfectly fit her.

Then she bought another dress that she liked but soon she was blubbering  as her parents bought the same kind of jeans for her brother which she was demanding before & she was not able to understand that why her parents did this to her. She was feeling that she had been betrayed by her parents.

This was her first experience where she was trying to understand the difference between her brother and herself, though soon she will get to know about it…..

To be continued…….



Story Of Love

Love is not blind, Love is deaf…

Stretching love with anyone can give u a lot of stress…

Love cannot listen to anyone ,neither it is selfish…

Sometimes it may make you fail in what you want to accomplish….


Love can make you weak; it can make you strong,

It has the potential of giving happiness or sadness for life long…

Love can be in any form, It can happen in any age,

It can never teach you about folly and rage….


Love your family, Love your friends,

Because the limit of love never ends..

People who really love you are very rare,

So cherish all the memories with them that you share…



“A Lie”

A lie that we tell to others,

A lie that make so much of troubles…

A lie which make us happy for sometime,

A lie which can never let us shine…


Telling a lie can change your life,

This will not leave you with any choice…

One lie leads to another lie,

So please do not give yourself bribe…


The secret of keeping yourself and others happy,

Do not lie and make yourself feel snappy…

The beauty of truth will never be realized,

If you make yourself a bunch of lie….



“Ek Khwaish”


Ek Khwaish Adhoori si hai  sapno me kahin ab bhi basi hui,

Dil ke  ek kone me hasti aur roti si dard me phasi hui…

Sapne hajaro hain dekhe magar yeh khwaish hai kuch alag si,

Tabhi toh le jaati hai ek jagah jo lagti hai kuch falak si…..


Yeh khwaish sone nhi deti kai raaton ko,

Naya utsaah deti hai is man ko aur saanson ko…

Dua agar sach me kobool ho toh maangu  khuda se bas yahi,

Dil ko sukoon mile yeh khwaish puri ho jaaye agar kahin …


Yeh who dard hai jo meetha aur kadva dono ehsaas hai deti,

Apne saath yeh saare ummeed aur jeene ka hisaab hai deti…

Toh is khwaish ko uske dard ke saath sambhaal kar rakhu is dil mei,

Ab ise kahin jaane na dun phir pad jaaye kahin na mushkil mei





Memories can take away all the pain,

Memories can make you cry in the rain….

Memories of people can be good or bad,

Memories have power to make you feel sad….


People will come and leave you one day,

Don’t keep anything in your heart, that’s what they say…

Everything will be fine as time is the biggest healer,

Life is a mix of romance ,comedy and thriller….


So keep yourself ready for all the situation,

Memories will come and go like a station…

Endings can be happy or sad in your life,

Do not let your mind and heart be in strife!