Happiness Lies Within

Every Human feels happiness specially when something good happens but that is temporary, Happiness lies within, If a person is sad from inside then this temporary happiness can not give you the health you deserve. But this happiness is always biased,It stays inside some people without any effort & for few people it will play hide & seek. So when that person get happiness that will be beyond expectation & will not know how to handle that.

What can be done to make its space forever in the heart of everyone , Is there a way to keep it no matter whatever is happening outside in this world because if we can do this then no one in this world will feel depressed .

Actually this line always comes in my mind when i feel sad “Ruk jaana nahin tu kahin haar ke, Kaanton pe chal ke milenge saaye bahar ke”. I think that this is how it works. We can be Happy or Sad but we should never stop because we dont know what surprise is waiting for us in the future & may be it will change our perspective about life altogether & it can be good for us.

By anshulsweetwonderponder

I am a sweet little girl, looking for a new start..hoping for a new and great change in the life...

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