What i wanted and what i got…

In simple words, Plans… Yes plans sucks…I mean whatever you plan it will be just your imagination and what will actually come will be as unexpected as you can think….Life has so much to teach but not sure if all the lesson are for your good… Few lessons will be just to show you that how it is more superior to you & your plans….It has that ability to make you feel good at one moment & make you cry in the next…So why do we actually make plans when whatever we think is not necessarily going to happen…in that way we will never feel so bad with what life gives and we will adjust with whatever comes in our way….

But is it possible?.. Nope… We all know this but we will continue to make plans & continue to feel bad about what is actually happening. So can we try reverse theory.. Like we can always think that something worst is going to happen & when something bad happens instead of worst, May be we will feel better about it… But again in this theory we will become a negative person to others & may be to ourselves… Though it will help a lot to protect our body & mind from any shocks that keep coming in life. I dont know which approach will be better but one thing is for sure that whatever is coming will not stop even if you yell/cry/die so can we not just leave it as it is & enjoy this precious moment with people who are with us & who will not be with us in the next few years may be & definitely not in the next birth.

This is some theory that i have written here but in reality even if you try harder you can not ignore those little shock(wonders, that our life will be thinking:P). So in the end there is no better way it is just your way!!…. You have to deal with your life so you make a decision on how it should be & fight for your way…….

By anshulsweetwonderponder

I am a sweet little girl, looking for a new start..hoping for a new and great change in the life...

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