Good karma is equal to Good result

Ok.. So every time i listen this i really can not get this point,As they say that if you do good karma you will get good result… But why can i see that people who are actually suffering have always tried to be good… But when i question this then i get this new kind of comment “Purane janam ke karam”… Like seriously, I have also been to few sat-sangs , I am not saying people who follow are doing anything wrong but every time i listen this i get totally shocked, That even if you kill an ant by mistake because you are not able to see it, You have to pay for that bad deed. I want to know why, What is the reason & why should we pay for something we are not responsible for.

I also want to know that why we are not getting paid for our bad deeds in the same birth, Why we have to take birth again & pay for that. & why are our good deeds so less that it gets over in the same birth. So many questions but no answers….

In my point of view, Good karma does not necessarily will give Good result, There is no one who does this calculation, This is to satisfy those who are actually suffering, May be there is no one up who listens to our prayers & people who are able to manage to get what they want by whatever means are actually happy & they dont have to be paid. May be this world is distributed as Sufferer & perpetrator & also the choice is yours what you want to be. If you choose to be sufferer & weak you will have to listen to the story about karma which actually does not exist.

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There is someone who listens to your prayers, when you pray from your heart. God hears your heart prayers. That does not mean He has to answer your prayers though.
The whole idea of Karma puts all the responsibility upon you to do enough good deeds in order to escape the wheel of life with endless rebirths. But the good deeds are never enough! So we are trapped in an endless cycle of trying and trying but failing.
God sent Jesus the Christ to put an end to all the struggling to be pleasing to God. If we trust in Jesus alone to be our right standing with God…instead of trusting in enough good deeds, then we know peace with God, and with ourself.
bless you and thanks for following my blog!


Thank you for letting me know your point of view…It will really help me in understanding about this… Just curious to know more so i want to know if we trust God and still we are not getting peace inside…You know bad things keep happening…So should we still trust and try to keep peace because it becomes impossible for human to do so.

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From my point of view you need to have Jesus Christ in your heart–He is the peace of God. But in having Jesus, that does not mean that everything will feel peaceful or that everything will go well in life. So what do we do? Yes, we continue to trust God. We show our trust by speaking inline with His promises in the Bible. Such as Jesus saying in John_16:33  “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

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Hi frederick, Thankyou for letting me know your point of view.. My point is just that i have seen many people who are really good and they keep doing struggle without any good result whereas there are people who do not worry about karma& they get to enjoy their life…So is it really their karma from previous births…??… I find this topic very confusing…..

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