Life is Lemonade…

They say that “when life gives you lemon,make lemonade”. Does that really mean that life will give us  sweet lassi or chocolate sometimes.This is not my story, This is a story of every human being who just does not understand how life works, He has lot of questions inside but there are no answers. Because when you question you will listen words like “Everything will be good in the end” or ” God has bigger plans for you”. You know something like this that justifies the current situation you are in and you can pass this time. But what if this bigger plan does not exist & God actually has no plans for you & this is only the plan for you. I know this is very complicated & few people will also think that what exactly has happend that i am writing this. To be honest nothing unusual because this is only usual in this story.

“Prayer”- Yes, this is the word  that keep us alive but there is no proof that this works but still we pray.We pray to keep us satisfied that we are doing something about the bad situation we are in but in reality we are just sitting and doing nothing and hoping that everything will work out, sometimes it does because it was planned like this & sometimes it doesn’t & then we feel bad that we prayed so much & nothing happend.

I believe life is too much complicated, People who get everything will say that its about the way you see your life but just think about those who try their hard to live but they just dont get what they deserve. I am not saying this to make anyone feel negative i am saying this because, this actually happens and there is no one who can give justification on this.

Actually only “Love” keeps us alive & motivated. Love from our parents, From our siblings & of course from our partners. This is the one thing that i really appreciate that we have got & we are lucky that we can feel & express our love. when you get your  true love from them then you forget all the pain that life is been giving to you all the time & trying to demotivate you because just one smile from them makes you more stronger.

I would like to share a story that i always felt like should be told & let everyone know that what exactly is the feeling of helplessness when you have something that looks so good when you see from far but it is actually full of drama & selfishness.

When you take birth in the middle class family you just should know that you are going to experience real life tragedy & also comedy. So very soon i will welcome to the  part where i will express the feeling of running away & also staying strong.


By anshulsweetwonderponder

I am a sweet little girl, looking for a new start..hoping for a new and great change in the life...

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