Questions about my existence…..

Why do i feel like time is just flowing.. I am not able to catch it , These breaths that i am taking are just getting wasted… For what am i here?… What  i am here to do?…These questions keep following me….

Am i in this world to just live and die and see people near me dying… Or i am here to do something which will make me feel alive… Does writing about these things will make me happy or i want something more than writing….

Questions about my existence and my karma in this world keep coming to me every now and then…Are others happy with just taking breath… Do they also feel the same way as i do or they are already doing what they wanted in their life….

I want to live my life but i am missing the most important thing that is which way should i?…What is the answer of this question???

By anshulsweetwonderponder

I am a sweet little girl, looking for a new start..hoping for a new and great change in the life...

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