Yes,Life is Unfair…..

Life is Unfair…

Yes life is unfair, it actually has so many layer..
You will get happiness along with pain ,
Standing under the sun also you might get rain…
Yes life is Unfair….

Laughing on others might give you pain in return,
It will give you situation sometimes that you will just want to run…
It will give you wound that will heal only with time,
you will forget all the numbers one two or nine…

So accept everything that life gives with joy,
then you might feel happy and not feel like a toy…
Confuse your life, make it feel like you are stronger,
you will feel relaxed & there will be no stress any longer….

By anshulsweetwonderponder

I am a sweet little girl, looking for a new start..hoping for a new and great change in the life...

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