An Angel….

One day an angel crossed my way,
I asked her can I become like her if I pray…
She laughed at me & said, she doesn’t want anyone to become like her,
As this beauty of her is a curse & this is not any degree to confer…

I was now curious & wanted to ask so many questions at the same time,
She understood everything but she just said that she is now going to do crime…
I got scared & without even thinking I started running in the opposite direction,
But to my surprise she was running behind me & watching me as if I am a confection….

Then I stopped & asked her that what does she want,
She said that she is a death but she is not here to haunt…
She was here to take me with her as my days were over,
I started laughing now & I said that I am not that older…

She was now staring at me with anger as she was getting late,
I was not able to understand that how can this be written on my fate…
I have not enjoyed my life as i always thought I have enough time,
I wanted to be a perfect daughter, sister & wife & that was where I drew a line…

But I could not do it also as I was busy with making my career,
I was not talking to my Parents & I just fought with my brother…
My husband always asked for my time,
But I always focussed on working from nine to nine….

I asked her to give me more time & how can she take my life so soon
I wanted to make everything right, but I proved myself a loon
She told me that I cannot set time limit for myself now,
You get life once So Don’t make mistakes as later improving it,is not allow….

I will always have this regret, I don’t want to go with you, I wanted to scream,
I started to run again & I fell down from my bed as it was a bad dream….
Her words were still running in my mind,
She brought me closer to the people I love & to be humble & kind…

By anshulsweetwonderponder

I am a sweet little girl, looking for a new start..hoping for a new and great change in the life...

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